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10 x Rashball Pro Set (+Pro Balls)

10 x Rashball Pro Set (+Pro Balls)


This offer is exclusively for you clubs that are so committed  to live out our beloved sport and to make it better known. Since we have received many inquiries from you as to how we can best provide you with sets, there is now this special offer for you. (ONLY IN NOVEMBER AND MAY?) To support you, we offer you the Rashball Pro Sets with the Pro Balls in steps of 10 for only €35 per set. This means you can order 10, 20, 30 or 80 sets from us and only pay €350 plus shipping costs. This corresponds to a goods value of 600€ per package of 10 and you can either use this to improve your club coffers or to equip your members.

All Rashball Roundnet Sets that you purchase from our store have a guarantee, ie if the ring, base or net breaks, simply contact us with the order number and we will provide a free replacement, you only pay the shipping costs.

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