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Like beach volleyball, only anytime, anywhere!

  • 2 vs 2

  • You play the ball into the net instead of over the net

  • After hitting the net, the opposing team has up to 3 alternate touches to hit the ball back into the net

  • There are points:

    • ring touch

    • Ball does not touch the net at all

    • A person touches the ball 2 times in a row

    • After touching the net, the ball lands back in the net

  • If a team scores repeatedly, the same player retains the right to serve (rules similar to beach volleyball)

  • A set goes up to 15

About Us


We love sports and games - we used to love beach volleyball.  

The weather, the lack of stands and the heavy equipment made it very difficult. To solve this, we discovered Roundnet, the sport that is conquering parks, beaches and gyms around the world. In the 1980s, the basic principle of what has become known as spikeball in the USA for a few years was invented in Hawaii.


We at Rashball have made it our mission to offer the fairest roundet set in terms of price/performance on the market. As a young startup, we strive to listen carefully and continuously improve things. Now we can play anytime, anywhere. Whether in the hall in winter, on the lawn in the park or in the sand on the beach. The simplest of rules and the option of only playing in pairs make it the ideal game for anywhere. Let us know where and how you play rashball with #playeverywhere.


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